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This is the Horse Bits Page - Information on types of bits, choosing a bit, and where to buy horse bits.

Stainless steel horse bit mouthpiece shown  hereTypes of Bit Metal
Explains the different mouthpieces of horse bits, and the type of metal and material the bits are made of.

Basic Types of Bits - Snaffle, Curb, Hackamore
Horse bit - Snaffle Bit - Mouthpiece -Bit Ring
Shows the parts of the Curb/Shank bit, snaffle bit, and hackamore.

Eliminating Bit Pain
Head shaking, flipping the nose, and hard mouths can be caused by bit pain.

A Bit About Bits
hat bit should I use? I think we've all heard that before... It seems there are as many questions on bits as there are types of bits!

Why You Should Train Your Horse In A Snaffle Bit
By Josh Lyons & Keith Hosman

English Horse Bits
View a selection of different types of English horse bits for sale.

Western Horse Bits
View a selection of different types of Western horse bits for sale.



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