Hairless Horses
By Annamaria Tadlock
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While rare, I suspect that hairless horses have always been around (see the "history" page), however in the past such foals were probably disposed of because of their disorder, or because they died from lack of care.
If you know of any other hairless horses, or have any information about them, I would love to hear from you! Please email me.


Hairless Horse Photo Page!
See the newest hairless horses submitted...

Harry the Hairless Horse: Q&A Interview
Harry's owner was kind enough to answer some questions about Harry.

Hairless Horses in History
Photos of Blue Bell, "The Hairless Wonder", and two other hairless horses in history.

What Causes It?
My thoughts on the subject.

This page has been receiving a lot of attention via various horse message boards. Every time there is a post, it seems that someone will respond with "Yuck! How can people breed these horses?" -- the answer is, people don't. In every case, every hairless horse owner I have talked to has been surprised to get such a horse. No one is deliberatly breeding 'for' hairlessness that I know of, and owners that accidentally get such a foal often have to provide special care for it.





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