Poems in Memory of Horses Passed

Never Forget
By Megan Okeson

*I wrote this poem for a 7 month old colt, Cody, that passed the Fall of 2004 from an unknown cause. He was my baby boy, and he was so perfect.

Tears keep falling,
I wish you were here,
My heart will ache for you,
My precious dear.
Your still soft body
Tears me apart,
Why couldn't I save you,
With all the love from my heart?
Your hurt is finally gone,
You are no longer in pain,
I am losing my mind,
This makes me insane.
As I move on,
You do not drift from my mind,
Cody, I still think of you,
You were so loving and kind.
Although you have left,
I swear sometimes I see,
Your little soft face,
Resting on my knee.
I want you to know,
I will never forget,
The love you gave me,
My sweet, gentle pet.


Poem by Annelies Johnson
I told myself I wouldn’t cry –
But cry I did.
When I got home, I ran to my room
And hid.
He’s sold.

He taught me to gallop,
He taught me to jump,
He made me a rider
When I’d started as a lump,
But now
He’s sold.

I hear people’s voices in my head,
“He’s too stiff” “too small”
“too old” they said.
I knew they were right,
It was time to move on.
He’s sold.


Poem By Yang Hui Yu

As heaven's door swung open wide,
I took a look and glanced inside.

Along the grassy plains of which,
stood he with a cry so free.

"Don’t grief upon my departure please,
I am now free” his eyes told me.

It's true really, he seemed at ease,
with much grace I had never seen.

As he ran along the field so wide,
each step, each stride was filled with might.

It's time to let our sorrows fade,
for you see, now he truly lives.


Flying and Believing
by Kassandra Creed

The wind in her hair
and warm breezes blowing,
she looks at me with bright eyes.
Her mane so soft,
and tail streaming behind her.
Her friends in the pasture
miss her with care.
Country music ringing in her ears,
with the guitar strumming and playing
with complete concentration.
Her eyes fixed on me
like nobody's here.
The smell of her hair
is of sweet sweet hay.
And her songs of nickering
and dances of prancing.
Her tack so shiny,
and sweat glistening.
She always trusts me
and nobody else.
I can't believe she is gone.
It feels like just yesterday she was born
and entered the world on four spindly legs.
And know she will never come back.
But she stays in my heart
and me in hers.
She is gone.

Believing a wonderful and glorious partner and even more excellent creature is gone is the hardest thing anybody could go through.
She is always under me flying.



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