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Many of these jokes were sent in by Ultimate Horse Site visitors or were written by A. Tadlock. Please enjoy & feel free to link to us! If you have jokes or info please email!


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How To Not Sell Your Horse
The guide to doing it all wrong, as inspired by internet sales ads.

Signs You're An Equestrian College Student

New Joke: Horse Karate Lessons

Strange -- But TRUE -- Horse Laws
It's illegal for a horse to eat a fire hydrant in Marshalltown, Iowa.... It's illegal to lasso a fish in Tn....

Stall Activities
Some fun games to play if you are bored in your stall...

Crazy Crosses
They called their Walker X Friesian a "Walking Freezer"...

If horses were software: A letter to tech support...

Health Alert

All I need to know in life I learned from my horse...

Joke: Save Gas, Ride A Horse

  Horse people... don't say these in public; non-horse people might get the wrong idea....
"Can I pet your Ass?" "He had a bad attitude, so we castrated him"... *Warning: Mature Content*

The Horseman's Dictionary 

The Sheath Cleaning Song
Only gelding/stallion owners will understand this...
*Warning: Mature Content*

 Horses VS Husbands
Advantages of each

Horse's Handbook
A handbook for horse's manners...

A new product for getting respect from your horse!

Jokes Page
A collection of short horse jokes.

Seller's Terms
Ever heard the terms used at an auction or in ads, such as 'high spirited' or 'bomb-proof'? Well, here's what those *really* mean...

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a horsey...
A parody of "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz".

Ya know yer a team roper when...

Larry the Cartoon Horse

Top 10 Spookey Things
A horse's view.

Funny Cowboy Quotes




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