Colorful horses for sale, horse information, horse articles, stallions, color genetics, colorful foals, horse color, equine color geneticsHorse Color & Genetics
by Annamaria Tadlock
Thanks to everyone who has given us photos to use on these pages!

Basic Genetics
Beginning Introduction to Genetics
About the Colors
Color Genes: From A (agouti) to Z (silver)

Base Colors
Black, brown, bay and chestnut are called the base colors because they make up the foundation for every other color. In actual fact, the two main colors are chestnut and black, the only two pigments existing in the horse. All other colors, including bay and brown, are created when one of these base colors has additional diluting or modifying genes.

Seal Brown

Dilutes & Patterns

The Duns: Grullo, Red Dun, & More

Dun Factors: Dorsal Stripe, Leg Barring, & More


Color Questions & Confusion

Paint or Pinto?
Palomino: Bred or Color?

Rare Colors, Markings, & Color Folklore

The Zebra's Stripes
by Annamaria Tadlock
Why zebras have stripes... and whether they are white with black stripes, or black with white...

image source: wikipedia


Bloodmarks: A Rare Marking

Information, Myths, History, Folklore of the marking.

Hairless Horses
View photos, Q&A, and more.

One white foot...
Superstitions about horse hoof color, and contrasting folklore about it.


Equine Color Genetics by Sponenberg
Horse Color Explained by Jeanette Gower
Hair Colour in the Horse by R. Geurts (Old but some interesting photos and observations)
UC Davis - Veterinary Genetics Library

The Color of Horses - Ben K Green (Incorrect info, but interesting source of prevaling
Human Genetics : Concepts & Applications by Ricki Lewis (helpful in describing basic genetics concepts)

Numerous articles in horse publications and online resources, such as:

Amercian Quarter Horse Association
American Paint Horse Association
International Champagne Horse Registry
Cremello and Perlino Education Association
All-Breed Pedigree
Journal of Heredity

And, most importantly, first-hand accounts from owners and breeders that supplied photos and information. Thank you to everyone who has helped by sending us photos and information!





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