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Photos Courtesty Rajendrasinh Jadeja, owner of VSAF Studs & Agricultural Farm Pvt. Ltd. and VSAF Stables in State of Gujarat. He breeds Kathiawari and Marwari horses. Jadeja is the general secretary of the Kathiawari Horse Society of India.


The Kathiawari is fairly small and fine featured, light built, but still strong and sturdy horse built much like its Arabian ancestors. They have long backs, sloping shoulders, slender necks and refined faces and a naturally high set tail. Their movement is fairly smooth, as many have the natural ability to pace.

These horses have strong legs and feet, though they are often slightly cow hocked in the back. Also like the Arabian the Kathiawari has great endurance. The Kathawaris' most distinguishing characteristic is their ears. They are uncommonly large and mobile and turn in and touch at the tips. They are curved like the "sting of the scorpion".
These horses are tough and harder and require less food to maintain their strength than most other types of horses. Though each horse's personality will varry, they are generally quiet and dependable.


The Kathiawari is an unusual breed of horse that originated in the Kathiawar peninsula in India. These horses are believed to have been bred in the 14th century and are descended from native Indian ponies, and Arabian horses, which are said to have been brought over during the reign of Muhgal.

Colors: Chestnut, bay, dun, tobiano, sabino, splashed white, and all variations of cream dilutes (palomino, buckskin, cremello, perlino, etc.)

Height: 15hh and under

Uses: farming, driving, riding in mounted police units, and the equestrian sport of tent pegging.

Jogi, Kathiawari Stallion 11 years old
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