Make Money With Horses
By Don Blazer

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Here are three things you absolutely, positively need to know about making money with horses.

1. Get over it!
2. Stay over it!
3. It’s a job, just like any other job.

We all make mistakes. In fact, the most successful business executives make the wrong call 7 out of 10 times. Seventy per cent of the time what they decide to do is a mistake.

How can they possibly stay successful? They “get over it.”
Getting over it means not dwelling on the mistake, but taking action to correct the mistake, or taking a new direction, or trying a new marketing approach, or simply setting up a system to keep the mistake from happening again. They get over it!

Too often we don’t get over the mistake and we spend a lot to time thinking about the mistake, or working to not make another mistake. That’s a mistake; if you do that (and most of us do) stop doing it and “get over it.”
Instead of thinking about the mistake, think about how you can be a better marketer, provide better service or improve your product.

Mistakes aren’t the only unpleasant things that happen in business. You are going to be slighted by customers, miss out on a great opportunity, fail to get the appreciation you deserve from peers or partners, and lose business to someone or something which isn’t nearly as good as you or your product.

Get over it! That’s just the way it is.

And once you understand that that’s the way it is, you can accept the next challenge---stay over it!
One of the greatest energy and time wasters experienced in business is constantly thinking of the mistakes we’ve made, or the unpleasant things that have happened to us. We focus on them, examine them from a hundred different angles, go over and over and over what happened and try to imagine what would have been had we not made the mistake, or had the unfortunate experience.

You were supposed to “get over it.” So don’t reinvent it, revive it, give it time and attention it doesn’t deserve. If you get over it, stay over it.

Believe it or not, most people won’t know you make a mistake, and if they do, they won’t care.
You’re going to know you made the mistake because it will show up in lost sales, a decline in income, costly repairs, or inventory which isn’t moving. You’ll know, but few others will ever know…so get over it.

If someone else learns of your mistake (and they weren’t directly affected by it) they won’t care one iota. If they know of the mistake and were affected by it, you can correct it with them, and then get over it.
You may think you are the focus of the world’s attention…but you’re not!

Get over it and stay over it.
Making money with horses is a full time job, just like any other job.

Anyone who says you can’t make money with horses simply doesn’t know what he or she is talking about, and has probably never applied himself or he rself to the task. (check out to follow the progress of a “project horse”.)

The vast majority of horse owners are pet owners. They have horses for enjoyment. They never intended to make money and they make no effort to make money. When they need to sell a horse they lose money because they “need” to sell a horse. That’s a lot different than being in business to make money with horses.

If you have a job that pays you a living wage, you work at it 40 hours a week or more. You start at a certain time, go through a certain routine, produce a certain amount of product or service. You’re serious about it, because it’s your job.
If you want to make money with horses, then you have to treat it as a full time job because that’s what it is. Get serious!
You wouldn’t go into any business if you didn’t know a lot about it, or were willing to learn. You’d go to college or apprentice with someone, or get some on-the-job training. The same is true to making money with horses…go to college, get credentials, apprentice with someone.

Being successful at anything is a full-time job.
If you’ve tried to make money with horses and it hasn’t worked out, here’s some advice: get over it, stay over it…it’s a full-time job.

Don Blazer teaches The Business of Making Money With Horses for the www. degree and certification programs.


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