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Destiny and the Tack Room Window by Linda Coburn
"There was a “look” in his eyes that blazed with intelligence. I looked back at the window and the stolen halters. I looked back at Destiny. And I knew. "

Heels Down: Calf Stretching Exercises by Ruth

Can't Get Your Heels down When You Ride? The Problem may not be your heels at all!

Trail Riding: Shoes, barefoot, or boots?
A question from one of our readers, Sienna.

Poisoned Dog: Kalia's Story
What happened when our dog Kalia was poisoned.

Mine That Bird on Conan O'Brien
It wasn't actually Mine That Bird; But it was a horse wearing a snuggy on The Tonight Show.

Never Say Never: Horse Story
"He needed a confident rider. And I needed a challenging pony."

Why do we love our horses? By Sue Ballard

Horse poem: Wood

Horse poem: The White Horse


Previous Horse Articles:

We have some great HORSE QUESTIONS! If you have a question, please send an email to

Horses wearing blindfolds?
The answer to a common question I've gotten over the years :)

Tacking Up: Saddle or bridle first?
"I always wonder, should I put the saddle or the bridle on first?"

How many horses are in the world?
You'll be surprised by which countries & states have the most or fewest horses.

Jingle Bells : Two Fourty for his Speed?
What does this line in the lyrics of "Jingle Bells" mean?


How much does a horse cost to keep?
Buying a horse is usually the cheapest part of horse ownership; We add up feed, dewormer, boarding, and other expenses.

The Hyper Horse: Redirecting A Horse's Energy for Control
When a horse begins to prance around, refusing to stand, or pull in an attempt to go faster, the rider's first response is often to try to force the movement to stop. To pull against the horse's movement. Instead, you should gain control by redirecting the horse's energy.

Leg Aids: Thigh Bone connected to the Hip Bone
"It is hard to 'see' the degrees of leg pressures. So let's go to a visual of a whip, an easily observed artificial aid. Novice riders apply their whip only two ways—a light tap or a hard tap. Seasoned riders have at least ten whip pressures available in the vocabulary they are developing with their horse. "

Mare Watch by Eleanor Blazer
Most of the fetal growth and bone development takes place during the last 90 days of gestation. The mare's nutritional requirements increase.


6 Things You Must Do To Guarantee Success
A horse business article by Don Blazer.

Success is Easy: Make Money with Horses by Don Blazer
Another article in our Horse Business section.

A horse poem by Tabitha S.

Giant: Inspirational Story by Micheal Johnson
"I also brought something else with me…thirteen consecutive F’s in my college career. Thirteen."


Previous Updates:

New Game - Treat Drop!
Try to grab as many treats to feed the pony before the timer runs out!

Keeping Stalls Dry by Eleanor Blazer
How to design a stall that drains well, and select a good bedding to keep the stal dry.

Welcome to the World - A non-invasive approach to imprinting by Liz Mitten Ryan
In keeping with the relationship you have fostered with your mare, be there when she is birthing and help make it easier for her. Because my mare knows her well-being is everything to me she welcomes me at the birth.

When In Doubt - Call A Vet -by A. Tadlock
I love getting questions from readers. However, I believe horse owners need to call their vet immediately if they're concerned about their horse's health -- not send me an email!

Keeping A Horse on a Budget by Tim Aston
Tips to help reduce horse costs.

The Clubfoot Comet
As a foal he injured his hoof so badly he was left with a permanent deformity in his foot. Despite the fact that he walked with a limp, he went on to win the Kentucky Derby...


Electric Fencing for Horses by Paul Savory
With the continual advancement in fencing technology during the last ten years electric fences now come in forms well suited for horse properties.

Sarita's Gift by Kristy Hallmark
After losing her barrel horse gelding, Kristy was heartbroken. She thought she'd never find another great horse again... until Sarita came along.
But when Sarita is diagnosed with a brain tumor, it threatens not only her life-- but the life of her unborn foal.


Horses in the Stars by C. Tadlock

Equuleus, Centaurus, Pegasus, and the Horse Head Nebula are four equine-inspired astrological phenomena.

Rasha's Dream by Eleanor Blazer
What life is like for Rasha, a horse-crazy girl living in Gaza City.

Q&A: Ex-racehorse fights the bit but likes a hackamore- but my family thinks hackamores aren't safe!

Horse Tack Article: The Hackamore
The three types of hackamores, & how they work.

Thoughts on the Hackamore by Gwynn Weaver
An excellent article explaining the hackamore's use.

The Life of a Carriage Horse by Theresa Komor
Theresa explains why people who want to ban carriage horses because it is "cruel" or "inhumane" are often misinformed. Meet Duke, a beautiful former New York City carriage horse.

Teaching the Barrel Horse to Rate by Caterina Tadlock
If you're training for barrel racing, it is important that your horse learn how to rate to properly and quickly make the turns.

New Horse Games
Two new free games, "Appleloosa" and "Messenger Girl". Go check them out!


Q&A: Yearling is eating manure!
"I found my yearling QH colt eating fresh manure from our mare that was in heat. Is this normal, and what should I do to discourage it? He will be gelded soon, and when I tried to chase him away from the manure he kicked at me, so I left him alone. Is this hormones kicking in-- what should I do?" > Read Here

A Cowboy is Called Home by Beth Dore
"No way can a blip of an article capture the wondrous and amazing person Barry was. He loved adventure and the outdoors. He had such unbreakable bonds with his horses – mutual trust and respect. He was my best friend. "


Bo, You're Incredible - Nonfiction by Hayley
"He was easily 17hh, and very skinny. His ribs poked out; I could count all of them. He had a rough coat that looked more like a bay than a chestnut. His paddock looked like a bomb site -- it had old cars strewn about, and I couldn't even locate a water trough. There wasn't a shred of food, only dust."


Ride Safer & Smarter by Bonnie Martin

"I personally know several people, myself included, who hit their heads in a fall from a horse. Of the ones wearing helmets, there was little serious damage other than to the helmet. Those without helmets were a different and sadder story."

Fly Spray Phobia!

What do I do if my horse is afraid of fly spray?


Horse Poop by Becki Bell
You love your horse. You feed him, you groom him, you bring him carrots and horse cookies, you scratch him, and what does he give you in return? 18,000 pounds of manure every single year.

12-Point Dental Exam for your Horse by Eleanor Blazer
You can do this at home, right now.


Letter: We named our Drum Horse yearling using your horse name generator.... (Click here to see what they named him!)



2008 Cartoon Contest
View some of the funny horse cartoons submitted, and the two winners!

View The Cartoons!


14 Steps to Be Prepared to Evacuate Your Horse
by Eleanor Blazer
It's not good to take the "it will never happen to me" attitude when preparing for an emergency. A few simple steps will make an evacuation run smooth.

New Photos:
Bloodmarked Horses
Read about this rare marking on our color genetics page.

Chemistry Horse Names
Wanting an original or geeky name for your horse? Here are some chemistry terms that might do it...

Victoria sent us some more Horses VS Husbands jokes!

The Language of Horses:
How horses communicate, including photos & video

Is My Horse Lonely?
How to tell & what to do!



The World's Biggest Horses

The biggest horses alive today, and the world record largest horse of all time. Includes many photos!

What's the difference between a "Thoroughbred" and "Purebred"?

The Zebra's Stripes
by Annamaria Tadlock
Why zebras have stripes... and whether they are white with black stripes, or black with white...

image source: wikipedia


Horse Names: Sugar & Spice
A list of food-related horse names.

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